Introduction to Investment Readiness

Introduction to Investment Readiness
Learn the six elements of investment readiness.

Resource Outline

Unit 1

  1. Investment readiness overview
  2. Getting started with Investment Readiness
  3. Alternative sources of capital
  4. Alternative sources: Government funding
  5. Capital requirements
  6. Attracting investors - Part I
  7. Attracting investors - Part 2
  8. Getting ready to raise
  9. Valuation and fundraising
  10. Talking to investors

Unit 2

  1. What is traction?
  2. Demonstrate traction
  3. The right team
  4. Study your market
  5. Business model
  6. Launched product
  7. Competitive advantage
  8. Investor alignment
  9. Financial projections


  1. Self-assessment

About the Resource

Thinking of raising money? Get investment-ready and transform your startup.

In this free course, we share useful tips to help you save time and avoid pitfalls as you organize your seed fundraising round. This fast-moving course features strategic and practical tactics every entrepreneur should consider when fundraising.


  • Insights on raising money
  • A six-point plan for fundraising
  • A roadmap to prepare investor-ready documents
  • An understanding of the language investors use
  • Tips on pitching to investor