Introduction to Market Sizing

Introduction to Market Sizing
Learn how to calculate market size using practical market research methods and tactics.

Resource Outline


  1. Introduction and overview (00:30)
  2. Course structure and activities

Definitions and methodology

  1. Market sizing definitions (3:08)
  2. What is TAM, SAM & TM? (1:03)
  3. Top-down methodology (2:34)
  4. Bottom-up methodology (2:15)
  5. Identify your search terms (2:05)
  6. Market research sources (2:26)
  7. Market sizing methodology milestone

Case studies

  1. Case study: Bottom-up for a medical device (3:06)
  2. Case study: Top-down for a biotech product (1:25)
  3. Case study: Top-down for a smartwatch (1:20)
  4. Case study: Emerging market with a proxy (4:49)

Where to go next

  1. Where to go next (1:09)

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