Introduction to Valuation

Introduction to Valuation
Valuing early-stage companies is not rocket science.

Resource Outline

Getting started

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Unit 1: Background to valuing companies

  1. What valuation method is best to use?
  2. Reasons to value a company: Negotiating with investors
  3. Other reasons to value a company
  4. Early-Stage Valuation: Insights and advice

Unit 2: Valuation methods and models

  1. Valuation methods & models
  2. Venture Capital Method
  3. First Chicago Method
  4. Berkus Method
  5. Scorecard Method

Unit 3: Other considerations when valuing your company

  1. Use of comparable transactions
  2. Role of negotiation
  3. Can a high valuation hurt your company?

Unit 4: Quantitive methods

  1. Income/cash flow methods

Unit 5: VC math

  1. VC math
  2. Conclusion

Valuation advice from investors

  1. Cleantech & Valuation—with Shirley Speakman
  2. Medical Devices, Digital Health & Valuation—with Scott Kaplanis
  3. More on Medical Devices, Digital Health & Valuation—with Scott Kaplanis
  4. Last Advice From a Venture Capitalist—with Scott Kaplanis

About the Resource

Got an early-stage company? Learn:

  • When and why different valuation principles are used as a company grows
  • How early- and growth-stage companies are valued
  • The tools and methodologies to tackle valuation yourself

Meet your instructor

Gregory Phipps has more than 20 years of experience as a founder and venture capital investment professional. He has invested in and supported the growth of 20 tech startups. Greg has engaged in the practical application of valuation principles and models hundreds of times. Catch up with Greg on LinkedIn or on Twitter: @phippsgregory


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